This Just In: Bike Friday Haul-A-Day


The Haul-A-Day haulin’ gear for a product photo shoot.

Bike Friday is perhaps best known for its line of folding bikes, including the New World Tourist I reviewed a few years back, but it also makes some excellent tandem and cargo bikes.

The Haul-A-Day is a new model for the Eugene, Oregon, based company, which designs and builds all its products in the Beaver State. The Eugene Safe Routes to School program co-ordinator though it would be great to have a cargo bike for class leaders to lead their fleet of Bike Fridays, and company founder Alan Scholz took the idea from concept to reality.


While it does sport 20-inch wheels and a one-size-fits-most geometry, it does not fold. The main boom can be extended (or in this case retracted from its current setting) and the handlebars and saddle obviously adjust quite a bit.


The cargo area is not quite as long as that of an Xtracycle, but it is still plenty room for groceries, kids, or whatever you’re hauling. An additional bonus is the ability to clip traditional panniers to the bed rails for more versatile carrying options.


The basket out front mounts directly to the frame so it doesn’t turn with the handlebars, which is a bit odd at first but greatly benefits the stability of the steering.


Bike Friday says it wasn’t looking for outright cargo capacity when it designed the Haul-A-Day, rather it wanted something that was slightly smaller, more maneuverable, more manageable for women and smaller riders, and can fit a wide variety of users. I think they’ve checked all those boxes, as it fills the void nicely between a normal city bike and my massive Surly Big Dummy. Think of it as a two-thirds-sized long-tail. The 20-inch wheels are super strong and keep the weight down low. Being able to step through the frame is also a lot easier than swinging a leg over when it’s loaded down.


There are a bunch of cool mounts as well, including a little flag holder, as well as mounts for a stand that can lift the rear wheel to be connected to a power-generating device.


Each Bike Friday is built to order, so you the kit you see here isn’t “standard,” but all these accessories pictured here are available. A base model with a rear disc brake, V-brake in the front, rear rack, dual bags, kickstand, straight handlebar and pedals starts at $1,498.

Watch for our long-term review in an upcoming issue of Bicycle Times. Order a subscription now and you’ll be sure not to miss it.



Review: Bike Friday Tandem Traveler XL


Tandems have been bringing together the mighty cycling power of two since the late 1800s, and Bike Friday has been building tandems since the co-founders’ very first in 1987.

As a mom of two kids, functionality and reusability are often paramount when I look for new products. I had been on the hunt for a tandem that could accommodate my 11-year-old daughter, Darby, as a stoker over the next few years, then have the honor be passed down to her younger brother. Bike Friday’s Traveler XL seemed like a good choice, as it is designed to fit a captain’s height range of 5-foot-8 to 6-foot-5, and a stoker height range of 3 feet to 6-foot-5. Not only could my kids join forces with me on adventures, but my hubby and I could also ride together.

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