2016 Bicycle Times Top 10 Stories

We’re big fans of those year-end “Best Of” posts that are popular on web sites around the world. As such, we decided we’d create our own special top-ten list of the most widely-read posts that have appeared on the Bicycle Times web site this year. We spent at least fifteen minutes looking at our web site statistics to see what you, our dear readers, read most often this year. The result is a list you can read while you’re sitting at work, pretending you’re being productive during the least productive time of the year. Thanks for supporting us in 2016, and we truly look forward having you back in 2017. Cheers!

10. First ride on the new 2016 Salsa bikes

2016 Salsa bikes
Salsa released some most-excellent new bikes earlier this year, including the Deadwood, Ponyrustler, Marrakesh and the Tour Divide-inspired Cutthroat. We take a closer look at each of them. More…

9. A beginners guide to randonneuring

A beginners guide to randonneuring
Looking to get into some truly long-distance riding? Read this piece to learn about brevets, randonnĂ©es and everything you need to know to prepare, ride and survive long distances. More…

8. Trek updates Farley fat bike to be bigger, faster

Trek Farley
Trek’s entry into the fat bike world has been quite successful, and the company updated its Farley line. We take a look at the updates in more detail. More…

7. Review: Specialized Secteur

Specialized Secteur
The Secteur is the aluminum version of Specialized’s very popular high-end “Roubaix” road bike. This review looks at how well this bike for mortals like us performs for group rides, racing and maybe some light touring. More…

6. First Impression: Specialized Diverge A1

Specialized Diverge A1
More and more people have been throwing legs over all-surface bikes such as the Specialized Diverge. We got our hands on one, and took some time to offer initial ride impressions before our long-term test. More…

5. First impressions: Trek 920 rugged touring bike

Trek 920 rugged touring bike
Trek dove into the gravel/heavy-touring bike category with the aluminum 920, which features bar-end shifters and disc brakes. Designed for exploring, long rides and rough roads, the 920 shows some influence from the mountain bike world. More…

4. Review: Trek CrossRip

Trek CrossRip
The Trek CrossRip is designed to be your go-to urban bike. Perfect for loading up with groceries or riding to work, this aluminum rig nicely combines utility, comfort and performance. More…

3. Review: Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc

Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc
The aluminum Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc is designed to be an all-around bike that can get you to the office in the city, and then away from it all to ride some trails when you shut down the computer. More…

2. New 2017 bikes previewed at Press Camp

2016 Press Camp
Each June, the cycling press descends upon Park City, Utah to get a first glimpse of, and usually a maiden voyage on, many of the industry’s newest bikes and components. Here’s a quick look at some goods from Cannondale, GT, Blue, Ridley and more. More…

1. Murder in Michigan

Murder in Michigan
On June 7, a 50-year-old Michigan man drove his pickup truck into a group of cyclists outside Kalamazoo, killing five and injuring four more. “They are not a statistic. They are not a meme. They are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, who will never return.” More…

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