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The Axiom Oceanweave Cycling bags are world’s first cycling bags made from 100% recycled fishnet fabric.

Prize pack includes a pair of Oceanweave pannier bags of your choice, an Oceanweave handlebar bag of your choice and an Axiom rack and fender set to ensure your bike is ready for whatever your next adventure entails!

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Review: Axiom Annihilateair G200 Floor Pump

Cyclists of all levels can benefit from a good floor pump. The Annihilateair G200 Floor Pump from Axiom Gear is one such pump. It is constructed with an alloy body and a wide base for stability. Speaking of the base, the footrests for this pump have metal pins, like those found on quality flat pedals, which is great for really gripping the pump. So long as you have shoes on.

The Annihilateair’s Presta/Schrader dual-valve worked well and clamped onto the tire valves easily with a nice, long, side-pull mechanism. The Annihilateair G200 is also equipped with a bleed valve for tubeless tire setup, so you can dial in your pressure just so.

An extra long hose is always appreciated, making for easier use all-around, allowing you to reach more without having to move the thing too much. The Annihilateair will fill your road, adventure or mountain bike tires with up to 200 psi/13.7 bar of pressure. The replaceable mountain bike grips on the handle are an interesting addition but does not have much sway in my love for this pump.

I prefer an analog gauge because I’ve have had a few digital gauges just stop working on me (yes, I replaced the battery), but there’s no need to worry about that with the Annihilateair. The analog dial works smoothly and precisely and looks pretty great too.

Overall the pump performed well and continues to do so. The Axiom Gear Annihilateair 200 hits 100psi quickly, with little effort. The extra long hose, dual valve, sweet analog dial and bleed valve make this particular pump my new favorite.



Weight 1700 g / 3.75 lbs
Height 745 mm / 29.3 in
Price: $117




Review: Axiom Cartier Trunk EXP19+ Bag

I like the term Trunk Bag. Not sure why, but it makes me laugh, and we all need to laugh at things just for the heck of it sometimes. The Cartier Trunk EXP19+ bag weighs 1.8lbs and has four velcro straps, making it useable for almost any rack style. The main compartment is insulated and expands from 9.9 liters to 18.6 liters, providing multiple carrying options.

There are some fully-functional fun features on this bag. First, the two side pockets easily zip down to expand into small panniers that are 5.8L. The bottoms of the panniers have bungees to attach to your rear rack just like a standard pannier. Second, there is a bungee-web system on the top of the bag that is great for a rain jacket or squishable groceries. Third, the bag comes with a rain cover that fits easily into an internal rain cover storage pocket. One more handy little thing: the rear zipper pocket is a nice spot for a patch kit and a tube.


There were a few amenities I didn’t use much but are worth noting. The removable shoulder strap is a nice addition, but my bags live on my bike and I don’t generally take them off and on. The movable internal divider is a cool option for more organized people than myself. Two more amenities are an internal mesh pocket and external mini pump straps. Again, these are nice additions for more organized folk then myself.

Overall, the Axion Gear Cartier Trunk EXP19+ is durable, well-made and a nice addition to my short-range rides. Without the main compartment extension, or panniers open, the Cartier was great for carrying a few snacks, a jacket, bike lock and basic tools. With the panniers open and the compartment expanded, I was able to fit a small grocery run of items in the bag. The Cartier is a well-thought-out trunk bag for those who don’t want or need a full pannier set. For commuting, a day on the rails-to-trails or some light errand running, this rear trunk bag could be a nice addition to your adventures.

Price: $97


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