ArtCrank shares best bike stories of 2013


Yes, 2014 is already off to a fast start, but the folks over at ArtCrank asked their fans to share their favorite bike memories of 2013.

Here’s one we especially liked:

Dena Driscoll (@bikemamadelphia)

2013 was a year of bike memories for me–the first year I rode in snow, the first year I rode 41 weeks pregnant and the first full year of Kidical Mass Philly, amongst other milestones.

denaI somehow convinced my husband that in 2013 we should buy an Urban Arrow box bike, as it was great way to carry our children. My husband fell for the idea as much as I did, and at 38 weeks pregnant we bought the bike.

I had a successful VBAC that resulted in the birth of our baby girl at the end of April. Exactly 5 weeks after, we strapped her car seat in, and I took her for her first ride.

The experience of watching your newborn being lulled to sleep by the movement you produce while riding a bike is powerful. I felt strong and happy, which in the early postpartum stage can be rare. Taking that spring day’s ride slow and steady was healing both for my body and mind. That ride sealed the deal that this bike would give my children a lifetime of memories.

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