Silca unveils super high-end hex tool kit

It is perhaps the simplest and yet most important tool in cycling—the hex wrench. From multi-tools to tri-wrenches and individual T-handles, there are countless variations of this classic and essential workhorse of the bicycle mechanic’s bench.


Silca is known for its spare-no-expense floor pumps, and it seems appropriate that its latest product is this set of high-end tools. The HX-One kit starts with S-2 steel, a super hard steel used for tools because it lasts longer without rounding off. It is then coated with a special chrome finish for perfect tolerances and then spray coated with a high-visibility, textured polymer finish for grip.


Included in the kit is the magnetic adapter that turns the 6 mm hex hey into a 1/4-inch socket driver. Also included are six Torx heads, two Phillips heads and two flat head screw drivers.


The whole package is packed into a CNC-made box made from Beech that is hand-sanded and polished then adorned with a stainless steel Silca logo.

silca-hx-one-2 silca-hx-one-3

At $125 these tools aren’t cheap, but they should last a lifetime.

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