Surly hauls the fat with new Big Fat Dummy

No one does weird as well as Surly, and the latest creation to emerge from the frozen plains of Minnesota wears the word with pride. A combination of cargo and fat bikes, this new mashup takes the best attributes of both and smooshes them together like that hydraulic press guy.


So you probably think the Big Fat Dummy is kind of like a Big Dummy, but with fat tires. But it’s not. Surly couldn’t just make the thing wider and expect it to work, so it started with a clean slate (or at least a clean bar napkin) and redesigned the frame to be stiffer and handle better.

bfd-compared-1 bfd-compared-2

Surly shared these cool comparisons of the Big Fat Dummy (dark green) and the Big Dummy (Kawasaki green). 

Surly says the new bike can fit a 26 by 5.25 tire, which is bigger than anything on the market so far (Hmmmmmm…..) but if you want to go wider than the stock 3.8 inch Nates you will have to get creative with the chainline. To fit those monster meats it stretches the rear axle to use a 190 x 10 QR or 197 x 12 thru axle. The bottom bracket is widened to match, at 100 mm, just like an Ice Cream Truck and many other fat bikes. The bike can swallow 29plus easily as well.


Compared to the Big Dummy, the BFD also has a slacker head tube angle and higher bottom bracket for more trail crushing capability. Ultimate trail work bike anyone?


It will come as no surprise that the bike is big (more than 7 feet long) and heavy (more than 50 pounds), but that’s not really the point, is it? But you can weigh it down with up to 400 pounds of rider and cargo, so good luck with that!

Head on over to Surlyville for some more details.


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