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The Bicycle Times Subscription Department has heard it all before, and we’re here to share the knowledge. Below are some of our favorite questions — and our amazing answers. OK, smarty, you got one we haven’t heard? Then email or call 866.523.9653 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays (hey, we all need time to ride).

How often is Bicycle Times Issued?

Bicycle Times is published six times a year.

How long does it take to get my issue through the mail?

Welcome to the big postal crap shoot. Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, my guess is probably better, so here goes:

  • USA: allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Canada: allow 2-4 weeks.
  • Overseas: allow 6-8 weeks.

Why does it take so long for delivery?

Magazines travel by “Periodical Class” mail, not First Class. The USPS is allowed to slack on Periodical Class delivery. (Sorry overseas folks, boats are sloooow.)

How do I know if my subscription is still active?

Grab your latest issue and look at the mailing label. You’ll notice a number directly above your name, that’s your Matchkey, or Subscriber number. The next number to the right of your subscriber copy is the last issue on your subscription. First one or two digits are the year, last two digits are the issue. For example, 1406 is the 6th issue of 2014, 1605 would be the 5th issue of 2016.

I moved and gave the Post Office my forwarding address, but I haven’t been getting my Bicycle Times.

Please, please, please contact Bicycle Times with your new address as soon as you move. Too late?

How do I know when it’s time to renew my subscription?

Don’t worry, we’ll mail you a renewal notice before your subscription expires. If you prefer to worry, check your mailing label and you’ll see that your last issue number is printed directly above your name.

Can I convert my print subscription to a digital subscription?

Yes! Send us an email and we will beam the remaining issues of your print subscription over to your phone/tablet/iPad/computer thingy.

Can I convert my digital subscription to a print subscription?

Sorry, no. Once you go digital you can’t go back.

Do you offer a lifetime subscription?

After plenty of prodding from our loyal readers we’ve decided to offer lifetime subscriptions. $149.95 will buy you a spot on the Bicycle Times mailing list until one of us calls it quits. No more renewal reminders, no more missed issues. And now comes the fine print: non-transferable, refunds pro-rated for the first two years only.

I’ve got a weird problem with my subscription that’s not covered by this 411 page. What should I do?

No sweat. Give us a call (866.523.9653) or shoot an email. The Subscription Guy is here to serve you (if he hasn’t sneaked out on his bike). Bicycle Times guarantees your satisfaction, really!

Fine print

  • Sorry, we are unable to begin subscriptions with past issues or future issues beyond the next available.
  • Due to the many variations of special requests, we are no longer able to send gift card notices or emails to gift receivers. Please contact them and let them know that you purchased the awesome gift of Dirt Rag or Bicycle Times for them. They’ll love you for it.
  • Canada and Mexico print subscriptions add $10 per year. All other non-US print subscriptions add $15 per year.**


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