Stuff I like: Ergon Grips

Sometimes you just wanna tell people about something good without getting into a full review-test-deadline-drama scenario. I have been running Ergons GP1 grips on one of my mountain bikes, on a bike here and there, but I have not gone to the trouble of putting them on all my bikes for whatever reason. But when I reunited with my Karate Monkey after leaving it in the East Bay area, it had some new Ergons on it. I was immediately pleased and thankful for this. Not only do my hands feel comfy upon first grasp, but they feel great all day.

These Ergon GX1 Leichtbau grips are designed for XC racing. They are some of the lightest grips Ergon has to offer, as well as having a more compact body, a smaller wing, and a narrower diameter. I like ’em cuz my hands are prone to numbness and/or pain when riding long distances.


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