Stuff I Like: The Buff

by Karl Rosengarth

I like riding my bike year round. I don’t like being cold. I like things that keep my ears, neck, face and head warm during blustery winter rides. I like the Buff.

The Buff is seamless, tube-shaped, garment made of soft synthetic fabric that can be configured to serve multiple functions. The Buff can be a headband, a neck gaiter, a skull cap, or even a balaclava. To name but a few. I know, because I’ve been there and done that.

I have Buffs neatly folded my dresser drawers, tucked into my bike gear bag, and stashed in my man-purse. I travel with a Buff, and pull it over my ears and eyes on the airplane when I want to shut out the world and just relax. Same deal in the hotel at night: a Buff pulled over the eyes/ears blocks out stray light/sounds and helps me fall asleep. Obsessed? Well, let’s just say that I really like the Buff.

To learn more, visit Buff HQ or buy yourself a little piece of warmth from our online shop.


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