Stop by the Rivendell pop-up store in San Francisco next week

Rivendell Bicycle Works is opening a pop-up in San Francisco’s Mission District near Shotwell and just three blocks from the 24th and Mission BART Station.

There will be several Rivendell bikes to see and touch, art from the Rivendell showroom in Walnut Creek, plus bags and handlebars, some free schwag, brochures, coupons, a secret ‘have-to-be-there-to-get-it’ super deal, small items for sale, and discounted posters.

No test rides, sorry. Although the big honkin’ 71cm Homer will be there for riders in the ‘Century Club’ only (if your pubic bone height is 100cm or higher).

Word is there’s an espresso machine, and Rich Lesnik himself will be building wheels while you watch!

Opening day is noon on Saturday, June 1. At 5 p.m. Saturday there will be something special—a giveaway perhaps? Hmm….

There are parking meters along the sidewalk for blocks so there’s plenty of bike parking. FYI: the road between BART and Shotwell on 24th is under construction. Good luck parking a car!

Rivendell Bicycle Works SF

Some thoughts from Grant Petersen, Rivendell founder and owner

What prompted Rivendell to open a pop-up in the Mission District?

We now have several tattoo’d staffers, and thought ‘Hey! they’d be perfect for a pop-up.’ John found it, talked to Dave; I’m just going along.

What can people expect to experience when they, visit the 24th Street location in early June?

Bikes, bags, hatchets that you can’t try out, clothing. Posters on the walls. We may get a lug mobile together by then. Background music (Swedish jazz). I’d like to have a fashion show, but.. no access to models.

Think RBW might open something permanent in SF?

Probably not right away, but we’re looking into an Alamo store, and if that isn’t a money pit, if we can work out some bugs in it, we’d look at other locations. The tough part is staffing it. We don’t want "regular" people.


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