SSCXWC2013: ‘Join or Die’ in Philadelphia


The Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship is headed east this year to the City of Brotherly Love, the same weekend as the Bileknky Junkyard ‘Cross race.

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Invading Philadelphia on December 6-8, the rolling party known as SSCXWC will start with a guided tour of the city on Saturday with “feats of strength” to qualify for Sunday’s race. OR, if you’d rather risk life and limb (or at least a tetanus shot) to qualify, head over to Bilenky’s famous Junkyard ‘Cross.

That’s not just a name, it actually races through a junkyard.

The top 20 or so will qualify for Sunday’s Main Event, while everyone else can still ride the Everyone’s a Winner Race—same course, same fun, but you get to start partying earlier.

Registration is now open for both events, so get on it.



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