SRAM introduces more affordable 11-speed mountain group – X1


There is little argument that SRAM’s 1×11 drivetrains work and work well, at least no argument among those who have ridden them And therein lies the problem, as both the XX1 and X01 groups are very expensive. But now the new X1 group trickles the 1×11 tech down to a lower price point, allowing it to be spec’ed on bikes at much lowe price points, and make sence as an aftermarket upgrade.

For those familiar with the XX1 and X01 groups, there isn’t anything new going on here. Fewer carbon fiber pieces, a pinned-together rather than machined cassette, and a few other changes has the retail on the full group (crank, cassette, shifter, chain, rear derailleur) landing between $861 and $970 depending on crank choice.


These are pretty straight forward cranksets, with a gear range of 30 to 38 teeth. We would have liked to see a 28 tooth option for entry level bikes. The 1400 crank has a removable spider, so aftermarket one-piece spider/chainrings could be used for lower gearing. I would expect these to be popular options for single speeders as well.


X1 1400 – $262 GXP/$308 BB30

  • Hollow forged 6000 series aluminum arms, 94BCD for 30-38 X-Sync narrow/wide rings
  • Optional chain ring guard.
  • 800 grams.


X1 1200 – OE only

  • 7000 series forged arms, 94BCD for 30-38 X-Sync narrow/wide rings
  • 830 grams


X1 1000 – $199 GXP/$239 BB30

  • 6000 series forged arms, 94BCD for 30-38 X-Sync narrow/wide rings
  • 850 grams

Rear Derailleur – $231


This looks much the same as its XX1 and X01 brethren and shares all the same functionality. The well-loved roller bearing clutch and Cage Lock are present, and an aluminum cage saves some cash over the carbon version on the more expensive groups. 256 grams

Shifter – $81


Much the same as the rear derailleur, the shifter loses some carbon and gains some weight. The price drops as well. 121 grams without a bar clamp. There is not GripShift version of X1, though it is fully compatible with the XO1 and XX1 GripShifts.

Cassette – $313


I’ll come out and say it, I disappointed that the most expensive part of the group is a wear item. The 10-42 XG-1180 Mini Cluster cassette uses an alloy 42 tooth cog, the next seven cogs are pinned together, and the final three are machined from one piece of steel. It gets the same badass black finish as the X01 cassette, and works with the XD driver cassette body. 315 grams.

Chain – $37


Compatible with all SRAM 1×11 groups and  the 1×7 X01 DH group. Good to see this at a lower price point. Staying on top of chain replacement will help extend the life of that expensive cassette. 114 links, 258 grams.

There is little doubt this group will be popular and work well. Expect to see it equipped on a LOT of 2015 bike builds. However I still see a market for an even lower priced 1x group with similar range. I’m hoping we’ll see the 10 speed groups get some 42t love from SRAM (and Shimano). In the meantime, it seems the aftermarket is more than willing to fill the demand.



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