Spring Time Camera Cleaning

I’ve got two new test bikes in the stable, and in preperation on an introdutoctory blog I took some photos. My poor old point and shoot has a cracked lcd screen from too many trips floating around loose in my bag while riding. This means I can’t really see what is going on until I download everything, kind of like shooting film…you remember that stuff.

I download the entire memory card and found a few things I didn’t know I had.

A bunch of photos from the Magura press camp last year:

Also some pictures of my kids at some friends’ "Make Your Own Instruments" party.

What does this have to do with bikes? Nothing really, other than the fact it is looking like spring around these parts finally. February brought us 50" of snow, a new record for our area. I hope March will bring us maximum sunshine, and minimum flooding.

Oh yes, test bikes. More on those later, a couple pictures for now.

Notice that odd light in the last phot? It is Sunlight. It makes me happy. It will melt that bike pile of snow in the picture. Spring!


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