Spotlight: Flexroute cable guides

Cable ties have long been a cyclist’s best friend. They’re small, inexpensive, and offer a million and one uses. It’s rare that I have a bike that doesn’t have one attached to it somewhere, and I never leave home without some in my flat kit just in case. But unlike most bike products, there is very little brand loyalty to cables ties, or even brand knowledge, really. I just buy whatever ones are around.


So when I got an email from a company that makes cable ties, I was intrigued. Cobra Ties makes all kinds of cable ties for all kinds of uses, and it recently introduced a new product called the Flexroute. Designed as a way to organize and route cables, hose, power lines or any sort of round tube, it works perfectly as a housing guide on a bike.

Cobra sent over a pair and wouldn’t you know it, I had a perfect bike for them. My Surly Karate Monkey was designed for mechanical V-brakes with an exposed cable along the top tube. Now that it is set up with hydraulic brakes the cable guides are useless. What holds the hydraulic housing in place? You guessed it, cable ties.


The Flexroute guides are soft to conform around any tube shape, and hold the hydraulic line securely away from the bike’s paint and prevents it from sliding around. They are held on with the included low-profile cable ties that don’t leave a bulky ratchet box sticking out. If you like things looking neat and tidy you’ll be excited about this design.


The Flexroute is a simple product that works as advertised and can help clean up your bike and keep the housing from scratching the finish. You can see the powdercoat on this bike isn’t in great shape…


The Flexroute guides are now being distributed through BTI, so your local bike shop should be able to order you a set. You can even get a free sample pack from the Cobra Ties website. The Flexroute guides are sold in packs of four with six cable ties for $7.99 or packs of eight with 12 cable ties for $14.99.



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