Should Driver’s Ed include cycling?

Everyone knows that in a car/bicycle interactions, the bicycle never wins. Accidents are caused by a moment’s distraction or irritation and while the risks are serious for cyclists, they rarely are for the motorists involved.

Now an online petition called BikeAware seeks to mandate more cycling-specific training to be required for citizen of the United Kingdom to get their driver’s license.

BikeAware will work to highlight this deficiency and urge the authorities to require that practical evidence of cycle awareness be a condition of obtaining a UK driving licence. Candidates would need to sit a new module including (unless exempted by prior Bikeability training or disability) on-road cycling, before passing their driving test.

The petition was started by longtime U.K. cycling advocate David Love, accoring to Love also created the 3 Feet Please and Share the Road campaigns.

True, it’s not going to make any difference in the U.S. (at least in the short term), but you can still sign the petition and help your two-wheel compatriots across the pond.

What do you think? What legislation would you support?


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