Shots! Video from Massachusetts to Canada

Normally our Shots! galleries feature still images, but we’re happy to receive videos as well. Reader Shane Robitaille send this video he made from a trip from Massachusetts to Canada in 2014.

Thanks for the great magazine and awesome online content for cycling fanatics! I’m sending a short video of my solo cycling trek from Massachusetts to Canada last summer. The video, consisting of photos and videos, is nothing fancy but it attempts to capture the awesome landscape and reflects some of the great people I met on this once in a lifetime endeavor. This was my first ultra-long distance solo trek.

As a single father with two careers, it was extraordinarily challenging to pull this trip off but I’m glad I did. I had the time of my life and I’m already starting to come up with ideas for next summer’s trek.

Perhaps some Bicycle Times readers will get inspired to go on their own journey!

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