Shop on Saturday to support local bike shops

Bike Shop Saturday, an event designed to be a bike friendly alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will be held worldwide on December 8, 2012, the second Saturday in December. The event was created by Cycling Utah, a consumer bicycling magazine covering the Mountain West.

Recognizing that local bike shops and bike related businesses are the backbone of the cycling community, the event encourages cyclists to patronize those businesses during the holiday shopping season.

"The holiday shopping season is a great time to buy locally, and better yet, to support your local bike shop. Dollars spent at your local shop are used to sponsor bike events and bike clubs, hire employees, and bring more people in your community to the great sport and transportation mode of cycling," said Dave Iltis, editor of Cycling Utah.

In future years, the event will be held on the second Saturday in December.

Learn more at the Bike Shop Saturday Facebook page.


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