Shenandoah Mountain Touring gets 2015 rolling with two rough road races

Riding through beautiful backcountry Virginia is always a treat, but don’t get too distracted by the scenery—these two events will demand some serious concentration. Shenandoah Mountain Touring is kicking off its 2015 season with the Stokesville Strade and Virginia’s Rough Roubaix.


The Stokesville Strade on March 6 (The event has been postponed to March 21 due to wintery conditions) will start and finish at the beautiful Stokesville Lodge and Campground outside Harrisonburg, Virginia. The 33-mile loop consists of about 40 percent gravel or natural surface roads, has about 1,800 feet of climbing, and if you’re looking for a real challenge you can loop it twice.


Virginia’s Rough Roubaix on April 19 starts in Harrisonburg, and it’s a real leg-buster, with options from 54 to 114 miles through Virginia and even into West Virginia. The route will take riders through the George Washington National Forest and onto Shenandoah Mountain. The conditions are so treacherous that the longest Grand Classic route will only take place if temperatures are expected to reach 60 degrees by noon in Harrisonburg. It crosses six creeks during its climb up Rough Run, and you won’t enjoy the Big Bear Hollow descent with cold, wet feet.

Registration for both events is open now and if you register for the Rough Roubaix before March 7 you can save a few buck on fees.



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