Sea Otter Classic 2017: Lock it up

The unfortunate fact of life and society is that in a lot of places, locks are very necessary if you don’t want your precious bicycle to walk off. They can be clunky, heavy and annoying to carry, but they don’t have to be. Here are a few that seem pretty convenient to throw on your bike or in your bag, as well as an all-new locking wall mount and nifty component-locking devices.


The Kryptonite Keeper lock consists of a number of steel links that fold and store nicely in its own little holder. The steel chain links are covered in webbing to prevent your bike from scratches, and the holder affixes to your bike via velcro straps.

There are two models—The 810 consists of 8 mm thick steel, has a 5/10 Kryptonite security rating and retails for $67. The 695 is made up of 6 mm steel links, has a 4/10 rating and sells for $57.


Rocky Mounts

RockyMounts is known for manufacturing bike transportation devices for vehicles (roof rack trays, hitch racks, etc), but it’s recently expanded its offerings to include bicycle security devices (aka locks).

The Carlito is touted by RockyMounts to be “the lightest U-lock in the world.” I haven’t seen all the U-locks in the world (or remotely close—I don’t even own one), but it felt impressively light to me and weighs in at just 395 grams. It’s made up of a 14 mm thick aluminum shackle covered in silicon, so it looks extra beefy but doesn’t feel it in your pocket. This lock gets a 4/10 security rating and retails for $39.95. We have one in for review as we speak, so stay tuned for more in-depth thoughts soon!


The Hendrix is a folding lock that is made up of folding steel plates, similar to the Kryptonite shown above. The steel is coated in rubber to avoid any scratches, and the lock folds down to the size of a smartphone. Also included is a water bottle cage mounting bracket. Price: $67.95 with a security rating of 7/10.



Hiplok’s claim to fame is a “wearable” design—locks that can easily be worn around the waist, diagonally across the torso or however else you can figure out how to sport them.


They had a couple new products at Sea Otter to showcase. The Airlok is a wall-mounted bike lock, so that you can secure your bike in your garage, shed, apartment, wherever. It features secure wall mounts, a steel framework and lockable bolt to keep your bike in place. It carries Hiplok’s maximum Gold Secure security rating and will be available in May in three different colors. The wall mount also comes with three coded keys, which are replaceable in case of misplacement if you register them with Hiplok. Price: $179




Z Lok is a reinforced, reusable zip-tie lock that is meant to be conveniently carried in your bag to throw on as added protection from opportunist thieves. This 40 cm long tie consists of a steel core and nylon outer, and automatically locks when looped into place but only unlocks with a key. This seems like a great option for if you’re only running into a store for a minute, or if you’re in a relatively safe area but just want that bit of extra piece of mind.

And, the Z Lok can be used just like a zip tie in a pinch. Apparently, they were used to secure a broken tent at Sea Otter. Seems legit.

The Z Lok comes in a variety of colors and in a two-pack for $20. They will also be available in May.




The Nutfix lock launched earlier this year and is meant to protect bike wheels and saddles against theft. Nutfix caps go on seat clamps and axles, and can only be unlocked if the bike is on its side. So, if your bike is locked in an upright position, a thief can’t unscrew the nut and release your wheel or seatpost.

Axle locks are $34.99 and the seatpost collar lock is $44.99. Both come in a number of different sizes.



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