Sal Ruibal: 10 things I’m thankful for

By Sal Ruibal

So far, 2010 has been a difficult year to find things to be thankful about. I lost a job I loved with a newspaper I gave my heart to for 23 years. The change I voted for was transformed into a nation I hardly recognize. Our cat died.

But all that disappears when I throw my leg over my bike. Good things abound in my life and love blooms when the pedals start turning.

Thanks for:

  1. True friends and true love that don’t run away when times are bad.
  2. The Ride Genius. Phil Heffler is a true good deed doer. He raises a ton of money for charitable causes through big fundraising rides such as the Catoctin Challenge and little fun rides like the Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Ride. He brought KISS and Greg LeMond together.
  3. Bike racks. My bank now has a bike rack and allows cyclists to use the drive-up lane and the ATM. I think they got the hint when local riders began bringing their muddy bikes into the lobby.
  4. Dr. John Herzenberg. The world’s greatest orthopedic surgeon is also a wonderful human being who rides a bike and created the annual Save-A-Limb Ride in Baltimore that helps people from all over the world literally save their limbs.
  5. Rapha Commuter Shorts. OK, not exactly Mother Teresa, but Slate Olsen and the Rapha designers got it spot on with these groovy commuter shorts. Sleek and functional; perfect for male bike commuters who like classic style but don’t want their junk seen all over town. Get dignified.
  6. DC Bike Share. Living in the DC area, we get a lot of bike visitors who don’t bring their bikes. Voila! Check the iPhone app and see which Bike Share racks have available bikes. Makes touring the monuments monumental fun.
  7. Patrick Dempsey, AKA Dr. McDreamy. He could cruise on his good looks and fame, but his annual Dempsey Challenge bike ride has raised more than $2 million for the Dempsey Caring Center at the Central Maine Medical Center in his hometown of Lewiston. He’s a darn good rider, too.
  8. The Bike Lane is my Local Bicycle Shop. And like all great LBS’, the Bike Lane is the place where everyone knows your name, everyone knows your bike and no one makes fun of my lack of wrench skills.
  9. IMBA and the Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts are the Santa and Elves who make wonderful trail toys for me and my friends. Their trails were the backbone of my dirt commute to work.
  10. Thanks to Bicycle Times and Dirt Rag for giving my blog a home for now. Please let them know how thankful you are by subscribing and buying merch. Money isn’t everything, but it makes some great things possible.

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