Rungo’s Juggernaut fat trike crushes all


Is this not the most outrageous thing you’ve seen lately? Rungo offers its Juggernaut trike with three 5-inch wheels and twin headtubes. Clearly traction is the leading design target here because I don’t think speed was on the list. What’s more insane is that it has attachments for an e-bike booster or even overhead racks.

Yes you read that right: Over. Head. Racks.

The “low gearing” seems suspect since it’s pictured with only a single chainring, but if you do get moving quick the dual front brakes can likely hopefully haul you back in.

The aluminum frame has an offset 135mm rear end and a 100mm bottom bracket shell. As pictured? 55.8 pounds and $2,900.

Should we order one for a long-term review?



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