Rotating Mass Media Hires Event Coordinator

Evan Gross with RMM Associate Publisher Trina Haynes at Dirt Rag Dirt Fest

Evan Gross with RMM Associate Publisher Trina Haynes at Dirt Rag Dirt Fest

To further the success and growth of Dirt Rag Dirt Fest and Bicycle Times Adventure Fest, Rotating Mass Media (RMM)—the parent company of Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times magazines—has hired Evan Gross to be a full-time events coordinator.

Gross has long been RMM’s man on the ground in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, successfully leading the organization of each Dirt Fest and the inaugural Adventure Fest. Gross has also spent the previous 17 years working to get more people on bikes through his tireless local trail advocacy, making him a natural fit.

“Evan is a key part of Dirt Fest’s success so it only makes sense to bring him on full time as we grow the events portion of our thriving business,” said Maurice Tierney, RMM’s founder and publisher. “In running Dirt Fest over the last several years, we’ve come to recognize that events—including Adventure Fest—are a great way to provide the bike industry face-to-face contact with our exclusive audience.”

In 2017, Dirt Fest will celebrate its eighth year in central Pennsylvania and Adventure Fest will resume at a new and improved venue. Both magazines also plan to have more engagement with existing festivals as well as create custom-tailored, pop-up events. Finally, RMM intends to grow Dirt Fest by adding a second location—offering more fun for its readers. If you have thoughts on where it should be hosted, let us know.

“This move will be a huge step for for me personally but also in creating some fun new events for the industry,” said Gross. “As an avid cyclist and trail advocate, I hope to take the community-oriented aspect of our events and bring them to a neighborhood near you.”



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