Ritte launches new flagship road bike, the Ace

Ritte Ace

Things have changed quite a bit at Ritte Cycles over the years. The brand that went out of its way to not take itself too seriously is now producing some serious products like a stainless steel road bike, an aluminum cyclocross bike and the latest carbon fiber road bike, the Ace.

Ritte Ace Ritte Ace

Unlike most carbon fiber frames, the Ace is molded as one piece, with no seams or joints. It’s designed to fit either mechanical or electronic drivetrains with a clean look thanks to specially designed inserts. According to Ritte it is made from the highest-strength T700 and T1000 carbon fiber with the latest molding techniques.

The geometry carries over from the Vlaanderen model, but with more riders choosing bigger tires on wider rims, it can fit a 25c tire easily and even some 28c tires.

Ritte Ace Ritte Ace

The Ace will be available in white, black or light blue, and comes in six sizes.

Watch for more from Ritte in Bicycle Times as we have one of the cyclocross bikes in-house and undergoing testing now.


You can get an idea of the sense of humor the folks at Ritte have in it’s Behind the Peloton video series from a few years ago:


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