Ridgetop Ramble

The Ridgetop Ramble is a gravel road ride that circles through the Shawnee State Forest in southern Ohio. You might think Ohio is flat, but with more than 7,000 feet of climbing your legs will likely argue that.

When the Swallow Bicycle Works crew showed up for the big event, though, they were greeted with a healthy eight to ten inches of snow. The call was made to postpone the ride, but they didn’t let the opportunity go to waste! Plus their photos look like so much fun I had to share and invite everyone out.

The snow changes everything. The terrain develops a micro-character as tracks develop on the snow and ice. As your eyes drift over a landscape that will change before the next ride, a frozen mud rut, left during warmer days, calls your attention back to the surface under the tires. Tracks from four-wheel-drive machines are tempting. They offer the legs a bit of rest, but the deep ice-edged tracks, are just like a game of “Operation”, touch an edge and you’re out!

If you can make it out next weekend, you’ll have your choice of 100k and 70k loops with more gravel than pavement and (hopefully) no snow. Everyone gets a map and a cue sheet and it’s a social ride, not a race, and entirely self-supported. 


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