Rider Profile: Matt Kasprzyk

I must be getting old. Somehow Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times “new guy” Matt Kasprzyk was able to evade my patented Rider Profile interrogation for several months before I finally cornered him for the following Q/A session. Matt graciously answered all of my questions, so you could get to know him better.


Name: Matt Kasprzyk
Age: 29
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Hometown: Ransomville, NY
Current location: Pittsburgh, PA
Number of years mountain biking: 4
Number of years road biking: 1
Riding style: XC
First mountain bike: Way back, Cannondale M600. More recently a Gary Fisher Piranha.
Current main bike: 2008 Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 29
Favorite trail ride: Sprague Brook, NY
Best bike vacation spot: So far Vermont, great riding and beer.
Favorite on-bike food: Clif Shot Blocks
Biggest on-bike accomplishment: Passing riders on climbs during races.
Biggest off-bike accomplishment: Getting a job at Dirt Rag.

How did you get started mountain biking?

I got started mountain biking when I was a kid. Lost interest in the sport, did a bunch of others throughout high school and college. A knee injury snowboarding made me revisit low impact sports and I decided to pick up an old favorite again. I enjoy the outdoors and the challenges of cycling off road, so it has easily become a part of my life.

How did you get started road biking?

Started commuting to work while living in Buffalo, NY. Flat city, wide streets, shitty weather, why not ride your bike to work?

What music goes through your head while you’re riding?

Queen – Bicycle Race

What motivates you to ride your bicycle?

Fitness, fun, endorphins, challenging myself, adventures, and spending time outside with friends.

How did you land your job at Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times?

I have no idea. I like to think my portfolio helped.

Describe the work that you do for Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times.

I’m a graphic designer for the magazines who helps with merchandise designs and page layouts for the mags. I try to make things pretty and reinforce the communication graphically. I also do some reviews for the publications and help at World Tour events.

What’s the best thing about working for Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times?

The work environment. Being around bikes all day and learning from the staff. There’s beer in the basement and singletrack in the back yard!

What was the most unexpected thing you’ve discovered about working for Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times?

I can imagine having a bike worth more then my car.

What is the most difficult thing about working for Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times?

Elastic deadlines.

What were you doing for work before you joined Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times?

I worked doing similar stuff a couple years for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. A polar opposite to the current DR/BT work environment. I was responsible for ads, direct mail, promotional material and print collateral—anywhere from posters, to annual reports for the non-profit cultural.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the industry?

Afternoon rides are justified as research.

Any non-bike hobbies, or something you do to relax?

I haven’t since moving to Pittsburgh, but wine-making was a big hobby of mine and something I need some space for here.

Tell me something about yourself that most people would be surprised to learn.

All the stuff above is made up.

Anything else you’d like to add?



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