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STASHERS TubeTop Coolers are frame bags made from a synthetic, Cordura-style, fabric with a padded liner and a durable-feeling insulation. They mount to your bike via Velcro straps located on the top and end of the bag. Their cylindrical shape and side zipper access offers several attachment possibilities. It seemed that anywhere I could find an open space, a cooler fit.

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These little, insulated, duffels are particularly good for stowing just about any small item one might want to stash on a bike: snacks, tubes, tools and, best of all, beer. They’re designed to fit two, 12-ounce cans—with koozies—in the small, 10-inch bag, and three in the medium, 15-inch bag.

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For this year’s Thanksgiving, my fiancé and I decided to kick-start our metabolism before the gluttonous weekend of turkey-plus by pedaling the 75 miles to grandma’s. While there wasn’t concern of keeping food and beverages cold during our brisk commute, three TubeTop coolers served as additional storage and offered easy access to the little things without having to dig through a pannier. The bags also have a waterproof interior and sealed zippers, convenient in the event of rain. Aside from having to remove the bag from my bars after dark to mount my headlight, the bags didn’t interfere with riding.

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These bags are ideal for bikes with flat top tubes, but the bags do work on frames with various sloping top tubes, even on size-small bikes.

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On the base of each duffel are loops to piggy-back multiple bags together. I like the modular concept and a medium-small combo worked well on my cross bike without the frame-mounted water bottle cage. STASHERS designer, Julie Pusateri, is considering the addition of an extra-small cooler, which would be a good fit for smaller and sloping top tube frames.

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I found the best setup for my frame to be the 15-inch bag on the top tube and the 10-inch on my seat post. There’s a little interference with my 26-ounce water bottle here, but I didn’t have issues when carrying a 22-ounce bottle. A 26-ounce water bottle just barely fits in the 10-inch bag and is a great way to keep water cool in the summer and minimize freezing in the winter.

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Considering their utility and versatility, STASHERS coolers are reasonably priced, beginning at $19.99 for the small. An additional 20-inch (4 beer) cooler will be available in 2016 for $29.99. Bags are shipped with a STASHERS koozie.


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