Review: SQ Labs 711SY locking grips


SQ Labs is a sister brand of German engineering wunderbrands Liteville and Syntance, focusing mainly on fit points: grips and saddles. The 711 grip looks like the Incredible Hulk wrapped his mighty paw around a round grip and gave it a squeeze. It’s perfectly shaped to fit your hand as you hold it.

The shape is constructed to reduce pressure on the ulna nerve, just like many of the “wing”-shaped grips that are popular now, but without the bulk. The body is a very firm rubberized material that transmits a lot of feedback to your hands. The texture is also quite rough to provide grip on your gloves. Then again, I thought riding them without gloves would destroy my palms but it wasn’t so bad.

Because of the very ergonomic shape there is really only one way to hold these grips, and if you move your hands around a lot or hang your pinky off the end of the bars, these might not be for you. I have big hands and prefer extra-fat grips, but I think these are going to stay on my bars as long as they last. For $29 they are also priced competitively compared to other ergonomic grips. SQ Labs products can be ordered on its website, but they are also distributed through Radsport USA, so ask your LBS.



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