Review: Rivendell Nitto Bosco Bars

Do you have a bike that’s a little too big for you? Would you like to ride in a more upright position on that big bike? The 55cm wide Nitto Bosco bars from Rivendell Bicycle Works might just be the ticket.

These steel bars have a staggering front to back sweep of nine inches as well as a four-inch rise. The extreme sweep is generally going to be too much for a bike that already fits your length and reach, but for bikes with top tubes that stretch you way out, the Bosco can take up the slack and ease the pain in your back.


For my needs the bars worked out quite well. I converted my drop-bar road bike, which was becoming too much to reach for, to an upright that is much more pleasant to pedal. With the nine inches of sweep I could ride with a straight or slightly angled back and smoke a pipe while reading a book. The Bosco bars give you plenty of leverage to climb hills and all that width gives you the ability to change hand positions as well. The bars fit mountain brake levers and bar-end shifters with a 25.4mm clamp diameter.

The Nitto Bosco would also work really well for anyone riding with an I-Bert kid’s seat. The reach around your child in the carrier in front of you can be challenging and these bars definitely have the width and sweep to make piloting much easier.

The steel Nitto Bosco bars will set you back $64, they’re also available in aluminum at $93. Widths are available in 52, 55 and 58cm in steel or aluminum.

Editor’s Note: to get a better understanding of Rivendell Bicycle Works founder Grant Petersen and his thinking behind ‘raising dat stem’, read our review of his book “Just Ride” from 2012.



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