Review: PEdALED Winter Urban Jacket


Let’s get this out of the way first. This is a $900* jacket. No one would deny that is a lot of money. Perhaps you find the notion of such an expensive garment to be absurd, or even offensive. Perhaps this jacket is not for you. Would you want to live in a world where there are no Ferraris? No America’s Cup racing yachts? No privately-funded space exploration? I certainly wouldn’t. So for the next 400 words or so, let’s set that number aside and examine this product for what it is. Ready? Ok, here we go…

PEdALED is the work of Japanese apparel designer Hideto Suzuki who was disillusioned with the fashion business and took time off to build log cabins, of all things. When he returned to apparel, he created PEdALED to make clothes that complimented his new lifestyle. The Winter Urban Riding Jacket is the capstone of the collection, and is hand made in Japan.


Its design won a gold medal at the 2012 Eurobike tradeshow. The heavy cotton exterior—with almost a denim feel—is offset with nylon and polyester wear points on the shoulders and in the lining. There is no insulating layer, but the outer is sufficiently windproof to seal out any winter blasts. I was impressed with how warm it was when paired with a separate insulating layer.


The cut is great for cycling as well, with long, articulated sleeves that don’t ride up, even for my 6-foot-2 frame in a size medium. At each cuff is a Velcro closure and an elastic band to seal out any drafts. The hem and hood have drawstrings as well. The zipper is sealed with a fold-over, Velcro placket, but I would have like to have a zipper pull to make it easier to operate with gloves on and a double zip to allow for adjustments at the bottom.


To keep things distinctive, the pockets are oversized and vertical, and can act as vents when they are unoccupied and left open. There are vertical, jersey-style pockets on the back—big enough for a U-lock—with Velcro closures. I’ve come to appreciate horizontal, game pockets on the back of my outer layer more than vertical ones, but they’re better than no pockets at all.


If the unique plaid finish isn’t your jam there are a few solid colors available, at lower pricepoints too. It is incredibly well made and I haven’t seen a stitch out of place. It oozes quality and luxury, almost to a scandalous degree. Certainly this jacket isn’t my first choice for high-intensity cycling, but for commuting or around town it blends in (except for maybe that plaid) and can cover a wide temperature range.


The PEdALED collection (not sure why it’s spelled like that) includes casual-styled cycling apparel and is distributed by Brooks England, the folks with the classic leather saddles. You can check it out online at

*Technically it retails for 675 Euros, so the price can fluctuate with the current exchange rate.



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