Review: Lazer Krux helmet

By Adam Lipinski

When I’m commuting or just cruising around on my bike, I don’t need to look like I’m racing. The more casual Krux helmet from Lazer provides all the protection I’m looking for, without ri- diculously flashy styling. Lazer is, in fact, the world’s oldest helmet company. They have been producing helmets in Belgium since 1919.

The $70 Krux has its own style and a matte black finish. It feels tall and awkward at first, but the more I wear it the better it feels. The large forehead area gives it the illusion of being taller than it is, but when compared side-to-side with my other helmets, it’s close in size.

The helmet is very comfortable, with one of the best adjustments systems I’ve ever used, the Rollsys. A small knob on the top of the helmet pulls a metal cable around the entire circumference of your head. It gives the most even distribution of pressure I’ve ever encountered. Also adding to your comfort is the Hugger strap cushion, a soft red pad placed over the chin strap that is claimed to keep your chin cooler. All I know is that it’s cozy on my lower face region.

The minimalist 10 vents are very well- placed for airflow. It’s not the coolest helmet in the breeze department, but it breathes better than I anticipated it would. The vent locations create a ton of surface area for structural strength and sticker placement. Reflective tape can be slapped all over this helmet, making it unique, and you more visible. Less pre- cipitation can reach your head as well, because of the large surface area. All the pads are removable for washing and it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. It is your lo- cal dealer’s choice to honor a crash re- placement plan provided through the distributor.

If you’re looking for a unique style in a helmet, the CE-, CPSC- and AS-certified Krux from Lazer’s Urban Edition may do the trick. There are also two other unique helmets in this line. Check them out at 

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