Review: Kenda Kwick Roller Sport

By Shannon Mominee

Kenda’s Kwick Roller Sport is an affordable commuting tire that could perform double-duty as a touring tire, or mount it on a hybrid bike and cycle the pathways. It’s made with Kenda‘s L3R compound for low rolling resistance and long tread life, and is available with or without the Iron Cap – a flat preventing strip that runs bead to bead under the tread.

I’ve been riding the 700x28c size with Iron Cap since early spring, mounted on my primary (only, actually) commuting, go-anywhere bike. I like how the tires feel with 70psi. They roll smoothly, provide some shock absorption, and the sidewalls are stiff enough to feel good carving country roads at speed. Despite my attempts to swerve around broken glass, I have ridden over much of it and haven’t had any flats, yet.

With the amount of time I’ve been on them, the rain grooves are still deep enough to be effective and there’s plenty of life left. the tires are still symmetrical too. I usually end up wearing tires at an angle because of road surfaces being paved at a slight slope for drainage.

For $27, you can’t go wrong with the Kwick Roller Sport. I would’ve preferred the 32mm version for added comfort, but the 28’s were a good balance between rolling resistance and shock absorbtion.

Sizes available: 700×26, 28, 32 or 26×1.25, 1.5, 2.0

Weight: 328g

Measured height x width: 30.6mm x 28mm (on 20mm rim)

PSI: 50-85

Bead: Folding

Made in Taiwan


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