Review: GoGirl female assistant


By Trina Haynes, illustrations by Stephen Haynes.

Pissing off the Edge of the World.

Ok, so maybe not off the edge but at least off of Mount Rainer if I wanted.

I love riding and hiking into the woods where there are no sounds of civilization. But I despise that moment where I have to wander off the trail into the trees and bushes to find a somewhat concealed place to squat. Nature was not incorporated in my childhood, so the statement “EW! NATURE! Get it off!” slips out more often than I’d like.

As the notion arises, visions of snakes, ticks, spider’s, mosquito’s and rabid squirrels pop into my head. I think both sexes can agree that squatting in the woods to do our business is not on the top ten list of favorite things.

In comes the GoGirl, a funnel like apparatus that lets a lady pee while standing.

Since I started using it I envision a sort of super hero power: “Take that vicious wildlife creatures!” BANG! POW! ZAP! As so:

GoGirl from Bicycle Times on Vimeo.

But let’s get a little serious.

Before I ventured out into the snow-filled woods, I did a few trial runs in the home latrine. The last thing I wanted was to be wet, cold and smelly while out on a ride. I highly recommend this practice before whipping out your GoGirl outside.

It only took me two trial runs in the safety of our home bathroom to master the art of peeing while standing. I also figured out how to avoid dropping my pants all the way to the ground while doing my business (as practiced by my five-year-old son) . Now I can simply undo my fly and (ahem) "engage" the GoGirl while keeping my arse covered.

The GoGirl is made of silicone and doesn’t take up very much room, so it’s easy to bring with you on just about any outing. When using the GoGirl, it’s also a good idea to bring your water bottle along to give it a quick rinse when you’re done.

A fun fact: Female Urination Devices have been around since the first patent in 1922. They are popular in Europe and at some festivals where you can find female-friendly urinals.

Bring on all the doodle envy comments! As long as I can lower the percent of time my bum is out in the cold, insect, and animal-filled woods I’m going to use my GoGirl.

“You think you’re so cool ’cause you can pee with your penis.” – Rob Schneider in "Hot Chick".






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