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FINDRA is a women’s mountain bike apparel brand led by fashion designer Alex Feechan, who set out to refine riding clothing for women. The collection consists of merino tops, jean shorts and a colorful selection of neck warmers and beanies that could easily transition from trail to gravel road to bike path to after-ride relaxation spot.

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Rouler Merino Round Neck Cycling Top

The Rouler Round Neck top is a lightweight weave of 100 percent merino wool, with a roomy fit throughout the body and arms. I tested the Dark Navy color, which is finished with a contrasting light gray stripe at the neckline, cuff and hem.

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These tops are so subtlety technical that they could easily be misconstrued as casual sweaters, which is what I love about them. This isn’t your everyday sweater, but FINDRA has integrated the technical features in a way that compliments the design of the shirt. In turn, these details serve their function, without looking “sporty.” The Rouler has a wider v-shaped weave at the neckline for breathability, reinforced elbow patches, and thumb holes. I used the thumb holes more than expected, tucking my sleeves into my gloves on cool rides and, when not in use, the holes aren’t noticeable.

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This top is soft against the skin and I appreciate the loose fit. As a single layer it’s just right for fall rides and the wool’s moisture-wicking qualities make it a piece I’ll use all winter, as a baselayer. The Rouler has a rather high cut round neck in the front. The coverage is great, but initially I found it a little restricting. In response to customer feedback on the neckline, FINDRA has made adjustments to the next batch.

Like most wool items, one can wear the Rouler several times without washing; hang it up and it’s ready to re-wear. Due to a weekend of travel, I pushed this one further than normal. After a sweaty, rainy, 24-mile mountain bike ride I let the Rouler sit in the car for two days and—unbelievably—when the top dried, it was like I hadn’t worn it. When it comes to washing, FINDRA recommends you launder in cold water and dry flat. I did, inadvertently, dry mine on low. It shrank a little, but didn’t affect the fit too much.

The Rouler Merino Round Neck is available in Navy (tested), Slate Grey, Marl and Pebble, for £80.

Betty Neck Warmer

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The Betty Neck Warmer, also 100% merino, comes in a variety of colors, as well as stripes. I sometimes have trouble keeping neck warmers up around my neck; they’re more of a necklace than a “warmer,” but the Betty is both practical and attractive. At about 18 inches long the fabric piles up, providing ample protection from the cold and it’s snug enough to stay put over my face. I wore the Betty neck warmer when we had an early Pennsylvania snow and on fall night rides. I’ll definitely be wearing this on winter rides and to cross country ski. £25

FINDRA is currently running a sale of a top, coupled with and hat or neck warmer, for £90. Scoop ’em up. You should be able to purchase directly from FINDRA, but you can also buy the items from Wiggle in the UK (and see U.S. pricing). 

It’s super-exciting to discover brands, like FINDRA, where women’s mountain biking apparel is the primary focus. Alex Feechan’s twenty years of fashion experience shows through the refined style of the FINDRA line, but the story is best told by her. Check out this video about how FINDRA came to fruition.

Photos by Justin Steiner


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