Review: Fabric Scoop saddle and grips


Fabric is a new brand woven from the folks at Charge Bikes and the Cycling Sports Group. With the goal of creating a whole line of high-quality parts and accessories, it has started with touch points, including grips and saddles.

The Scoop saddle is designed for multipurpose use, from road to cyclocross to mountain biking. It’s available in four trim levels with chromoly, titanium, or carbon rails and a nylon or carbon base. The 266-gram Elite model I tested is the basic unit.


The 142mm-wide upper of all Scoop saddles is a soft, smooth, rubbery synthetic with a thin layer of foam. Since everyone’s anatomy is variable, it’s available in three different profiles: Flat, Shallow, and Radius. The Radius I tested ($80) slopes down on the sides and is very reminiscent of my all-time favorite saddle, the San Marco Rolls. After plenty of miles, I found the Scoop to be just as comfortable as my old faithful, but it weighs much less and has a more modern look.


The grips ($35) share a similar minimalist aesthetic and have a single hidden clamp at the inner end. The hex-shaped holes allow for air to circulate, helping to keep your hands cool and dry. Weighing in at just 80 grams per pair, they are a good option for someone looking for a really thin grip. 





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