Review: eoGear Century Bag

By Adam Newman

It’s funny how our gear seems to move around over the years as we’re riding. From jersey pockets to seat bags, frame packs to top tube, there’s always a new place to stash your stuff.

Well the more options the merrier, I say, and the $29 Century Bag from eoGear is a perfect place to perch your portables. (Too much?)

Designed by eoGear’s fervent randonneuring owner, Richard Stum, whom I met at NAHBS, it is stitched and sewn in Utah. Stum started out by building mountaineering packs that would fit his 6’4" frame, then specializing in photography packs, and later turned to cycling after an ankle injury sidelined his ultramarathon running.

The Century bag attaches to your bike just behind the stem via Velcro straps and in no way interferes with steering. The main compartment is plenty large enough to hold a smartphone or three, and there is a zippered pocket on the left for valuables and a mesh pocket on the right for litter. For an extra $2.75 you can get a small food container insert that keeps snacks organized out of their packaging. It makes eating something like trail mix a lot easier.

The material is tough, rip-stop nylon and the zippers are heavy gauge and water-resistant. All are easy to operate with one hand while riding. It even has an attachment for a pen or pencil—useful for filling out brevet cards.

It measures about 630ml (38 cubic inches) and the interior dimensions are about 4 inches high, 6 inches long and just less than 2 inches wide. If you’re looking for something slightly larger or smaller, eoGear offers those as well.

At less than $30, it’s really hard to beat the Century bag for value, since it’s essentially the same price as one made overseas. I’ve been using it to carry tubes, small tools and snacks and it’s never missed a beat.

Visit to see the full line of American-made cycling accessories. They are sold consumer direct and you won’t find them in dealerships. 


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