Review: DZR Strasse shoes

By Adam Newman

You’ve likely noticed that sneaker design hasn’t changed much in the past half-century. DZR sure has, and recently unveiled a whole line of clipless-compatible shoes that will blend right into a sea of Chuck Taylors and Vans.

The Strasse model features a herringbone canvas upper and a rubber sole with provision for an SPD-style, two-hole cleat. The insole features a nylon shank that provides a moderate level of stiffness for riding, but not as much as a normal cycling shoe, making walking a bit easier and more comfortable. You always have to be a little careful when wearing lace-up shoes while riding, as a loose lace could spell disaster. The laces included with the Strasse shoes seemed unnecessarily long, so I ended up tucking them in once tied, just to be safe. There’s also an elastic strap on the tongue to hold them.

The laces are extremely thin, and didn’t seem very strong, but they’ve held up fine after six months of use. The sole shows a bit of wear as well, but it is consistent with other similar styles of sneakers. The fit was consistent with other cycling shoes I’ve worn. Because this isn’t a high-performance shoe, you don’t need a super-snug fit, but the ample lacing allows for fine-tuning.

Made in China. $110.


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