Review: Dromarti cycling shoes

By Shannon Mominee

The Dromarti “Black” Sportivo is a super-classy, leather cycling shoe accented with red stitching that matches the inside. Seven lace holes wrap the leather around my foot and applied the perfect amount of tension. The thin, round laces are free to flop in the breeze, but haven’t yet gotten caught in the chain. The molded outer sole is SPD compatible. Semi-hard lugs provide a decent amount of traction outdoors, but are slippery on smooth, indoor flooring.

I prefer stiff soled shoes such as these, and the Sportivos exhibit almost no flex when pedaling. They’re not the best for walking, but I’ll accept the trade-off. The insole doesn’t offer much arch support but is still comfortable. My size 45 shoes fit true to size. Whenever I slip my feet into the leather, I think they are too damn nice for cycling. I’d wear ’em dancing, if I danced. The leather requires saddle time to relax, but by the fourth ride and a little rain, they felt comfortable. In fact, they rank in my top two pair of favorite cycling footwear.

Dromarti’s casual appearance blends in at the market or pub, but they’re flashy. As I paused once on a city street, a woman asked, “Those shoes ‘spensive?” Well, yes they are, but they’re also cool, functional, and highly comfortable. The $225 price is steep, but justifiable by the quality, and even more so if they last for at least three years. Time will tell, but the construction looks solid and I enjoy wearing them. Made in Italy.



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