Review: Chrome Kursk Pro shoes

By Justin Steiner

I’m far from fashionable, but the idea of bopping around town while being simultaneously clipped in and sporting hip footwear is almost too good to be true.

One of three “normal”-looking shoes in the group, the Chrome Kursk Pro shoes disguise their SPD-compatibility quite well. The Cordura upper, available in both black and gray, is slightly padded and snugs up comfortably around my foot thanks to ample lace eyelets. Loose laces can be secured with the elastic lace keeper. The sole of the Kursk Pro features a full-length nylon shank, but isn’t overly stiff—priority here tips toward off-the-bike comfort rather than on-the-bike performance.

I found said stiffness perfect for commuting and running errands around town, but would opt for something stiffer for extended touring. Cleats recess into the sole, but you’ll hear them clicking on anything but the smoothest surfaces. As usual, the stock insole isn’t overly supportive, and swapping to my insole of choice upped comfort significantly.

These shoes run at least one half to one full size bigger than “normal,” so factor that into your buying decision. Chrome is happy to allow for sizing exchanges should you misjudge. Width is also greater than their skinny appearance might suggest; my medium-wide forefoot fit nicely, but I found the heel cup to be wider than I’d like—not a frequent problem for me. Overall, the Kursk Pros offer a decent value in a casual-looking SPD-compatible cycling shoe. These shoes will transport me to and from the bar in style for years to come.

Made in China. $95.


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