Review: Chrome Kadet Bag

Chrome Kadet

I love me a big backpack. But a big bag always makes me want to bring more stuff, even when I don’t really need it. That’s why I’ve been digging the Chrome Kadet. It is often just the right size for short rides or trips around town.

Three of the four available colors use a truck tarp material, which combined with water-resistant zippers make this bag extremely protective in bad weather. The signature seatbelt-style metal buckle seems like overkill on this small bag, and it rattles more than I’d like, but it does look good.

The bag fits a good bit of stuff. My typical load was a mirrorless camera, second lens, small tool roll, light jacket and a notebook. (An actual paper notebook, though I suppose an e-tablet would fit fine as well.) A small U-lock fits in an external sleeve for easy access.

There is a cross strap but I found it oddly placed and just took it off. The compression straps also seem like unneeded extras on a bag like this, but I suppose you could lash small items to them. Longer straps, particularly on the bottom, would make these more useful.

I dig this bag, and find myself grabbing it more than I would expect. It stays in place while on the bike, slips inside my luggage for trips, and has accompanied me on hikes and at trade shows. A perfect handbag alternative for those not interested in carrying a purse (or murse as the case may be).

Price: $80

Dimensions: 8 inches high by 17 inches wide by 4 inches deep (9 liters).

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