Review: Bern Brentwood helmet with winter kit

By Mike Cushionbury

Bern calls its Brentwood an action sports helmet and thankfully since I consider most aspects of cycling “action sports” I had no problem strapping it on and going for a ride. The Brentwood consists of a hard, minimally vented shell over Zipmold liquid injected hard foam that meets ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078 protection standards.

While by no means ideal for long distance cross-country riding due to a lack of ventilation and heavier weight it’s a great cap for commuting, spinning around town, dirt jumping, shorter enduros and even cyclocross if you’re trending towards a look that’s different from the rest of the barrier-hopping bunch.

At a decent 425 grams it feels light on the noggin even though it covers much more of your head than standard cycling helmets—nice insurance when you’re adding maybe too much action to your sport. The “summer” liner with an integrated sweatband across the brow and removable hat bill is comfortable with a secure fit. Just as important, it’s a great looking, stylish helmet for riding, skating or snowboarding.

As much of the nation falls into colder winter months the additional winter liner kit that includes earmuffs is a welcome accessory—it’s incredibly warm and cozy for freezing winter rides. Available in a plethora of sizes (S-XXXL,) Bern’s Brentwood will almost give you that custom fitted feel.

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