redline 925

I read alot of glowing reviews of the redline 925….no bikeshop in the twin cities had any in stock.

i ordered one, picked it up today….first pedal the freewheel slipped, same on the second, then heard a noise in the back wheel. made a uturn to the bikeshop.

They pulled the freewheel and laughed, they showed it to me, the freewheel moved vertically 1/16th of an inch….no brand name just “India”.

What kind of junk is redline building their bikes with!!!!??!??? JUNK!

Luckily the good guys at Edina Bike shop in Edina Minnesota helped me out. They pulled a Shimano freewheel off of one of their Italian bikes and gave it to me.

I was so excited about getting my Redline….now I feel like they think I’m a sucker.

What would make them put crap like this on their product?????

Now I can’t help but think, what else is junk on this bike, and why oh why did I buy a Redline.

I suggest Redline pull theirs heads out of their butts.



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