Review: Cateye Volt 700 Headlight


Cateye’s Volt 700 is a slick little light that offers a ton of versatility and packs a pretty good punch for its size. When you need to see, it pumps out 700 lumens with a two-hour run time. When you need to be seen, HyperConstant mode maintains enough light to illuminate your path, while also rapidly flashing 800 lumens to grab driver’s attention for seven hours of run time. In between are a 300 lumen setting with three and a half hours of burn time and 100 lumen “All-Night” mode that burns for 10 hours. If you need even more run time for nocturnal adventures, you can buy a second battery for $45.

With the broad variation in handlebar clamp diameters, Cateye’s FlexTight mounting bracket makes a ton of sense. Officially, it accommodates 22mm to 32mm handlebars with no additional shims, but I found it also works great for 35mm bars. The only downside is the possibility of losing the nut that snugs up the whole system as it’s not captured.

For $130, this light is hard to beat. It’s small, powerful enough for on road and mixed surface use, and very convenient to use.


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