Portland Design Works unveils portable pump for fat bikes

If you’ve ever tried to inflate a fat bike tire with a mini pump, you know how awful the experience can be. While there are a few high volume pumps for mountain bikes on the market, there is clearly a demand for something designed for fat bikes that is still portable.


Now Portland Design Works is finalizing its new Fat Stevens pump and hopes to put it into production through a crowdfunding campaign. Essentially a mini floor pump, it has a high volume aluminum barrel that can move a lot of air. The hose and foot peg design means you can place it on the ground and stabilize it, while the oversized nozzle and pommel handle are designed to operate easily with gloved hands. (Note: See the update below.)

pdw-fat-stevens-pump-3 pdw-fat-stevens-pump-4

If you order a Fat Stevens pump through the Kickstarter campaign you’ll also get a carrying case made by Blaq Packs in Portland. It will keep the pump secure with additional storage for other tools and is available in camo or blue. You can order one through the campaign for $45 with the bag included. If the campaign is funded, units will ship in October.




We got word today that PDW has modified its design for the pump head based on feedback from fans and Kickstarter backers. First, the pump head will now work with both Presta and Schrader valves and it will use a simple flip lock lever to seal to the valve rather than a thread-on design. PDW cited users’ preference for such a change based on operating the pump with gloved hands.


The brand is also touting the pump’s versatility with any sort of high volume tire, including mountain bikes and the new 29plus and 27plus bikes—basically anything up to 30 psi. According to their tests, the Fat Stevens inflated a Surly Nate tire to 5.5 psi with less than half as many strokes as the competition’s pump.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Fat Stevens pump runs through June 18.



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