Po Campo, World Bicycle Relief to provide bikes to girls in Africa

Po Campo, makers of fashionable bike bags, has partnered with World Bicycle Relief to provide bicycles to young girls in southern Africa so they can get to school. For every 25 bags sold through pocampo.com, a schoolgirl will receive a new bicycle.

Education is important to young African girls because they are less likely to become child brides, contract HIV, die during childbirth or be sexually assaulted. They earn more money and have the power and independence to participate in the labor force and economy of their community and can break the cycle of poverty.

According to World Bicycle Relief:

Bicycle supervisory committees select those students most in need and then oversee their bicycle usage. Every recipient receives basic training about bicycle maintenance and safety, and signs a contract of commitment when receiving his or her bike. Families of students also benefit from the bicycle; it is common for a family member to borrow the bicycle to take goods to market during the day while a child is in school, then return it for the student’s journey home.

World Bicycle Relief has donated more than 125,000 bikes and trained more than 800 field mechanics.

Po Campo was founded in 2009 to make bicycle bags and accessories designed to be as stylish as they are practical.



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