Pittsburgh’s first Women and Biking Forum


Bike Pittsburgh has continued to make strides for cycling in its city. It has created an ad campaign that helps drivers make cyclists more relatable, built a growing number of bike lanes and now hosted the very first Women’s Biking Forum in Pittsburgh.


The Forum offered two Break Out Sessions, each with three discussions and workshops to choose from. Much like the National Bike Summit, the hard part is choosing which session to attend. I went with the Riding with Children and Families discussion. It was a nice, round-table discussion of challenges parents face: getting your kids to ride, how and where to find the right gear, safety measures, and my favorite was a cargo bike vs. trailers talk.


On our lunch-break, all attendees had the opportunity to learn about the Pittsburgh bus bike rack system. Every Pittsburgh city bus has a front rack that holds two bikes. A lot of women benefited from finding out the rules and tips, and from getting a chance to use the rack system. Pittsburgh’s train system and inclines also allow for bikes. Visit PortAuthority.org for more information.


I also attended a Fundamentals of Riding Workshop. Topics included how to dress in different weather conditions, braving the rain and snow, city riding fears and tips on how to overcome them, road safety and navigating a bike shop. There was also a good talk on having good gear, talking about different brands and reinforcing it is ok to get off the bike and walk whenever you need to. My favorite tip from the discussion; “Don’t ride Hangry.”


Other workshops offered included Basic Bike Adjustments & Upkeep and Experience Riding as Women. The day ended with a group ride in the rain. Even then there were smiling faces and a stronger sense of confidence from when the day began. I’m excited to see what next year’s Women’s Forum will bring and to see the continued growth of women on bikes.


Have a Women’s Biking Forum or Clinics in your area? Tell us about them, we want to know!


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