Performance Bicycle awards $30k in advocacy grants

Performance Bicycle, the nation’s largest independent cycling retailer, has announced the winners of its $30,000 worth of "Better Bicycling Community" grants. Ten community organizations from across America were chosen to receive a $3,000 grant to support local efforts in making cycling more accessible.

From rejuvenating a mountain bike trail to raising support for better bike lane infrastructure, each grant will address a critical local cycling need. The grants will be administered in collaboration with the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

The ten organizations that will receive a Better Bicycling Community grant are spread across the country. Each will involve the community and will work with their local Performance store to achieve their grant goals. The funded campaigns are as follows:

Bike Austin (Austin, Texas): North MoPac Bike Highway Commuter Route Campaign

Bike Austin is working to establish a 10-mile shared-use path in the MoPac Expressway corridor. The grant will support direct lobbying of elected officials and government staff and outreach to neighborhood associations, residents and schools along the corridor.

Bike Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland): Bicycle Friendly Maryland Campaign

Bike Maryland is devoted to improving the overall bikeability of Maryland by implementing the guidelines laid out by the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) program. Working closely with businesses, universities, and communities throughout the state, they strive to make Maryland a more bicycle friendly place to live, work, and play.

Bike Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah): CiSLClovia – Open Streets Initiative

Bike Utah will work with local partners to develop and implement the 2013 CiSLClovia Open Streets event in Salt Lake City and use the success of this template to help other Utah communities organize similar events. The primary role of the CiSLClovia – Open Streets campaign is to build cycling awareness and to get more people out biking, walking, and partaking in community activities.

Carrboro Bicycle Coalition (Chapel Hill, North Carolina): Chapel Hill – Carrboro Open Streets Initiative

Carrboro Bicycle Coalition will host an Open Streets event in Carrboro, NC to meet the city’s public health, social, economic, and environmental goals by allowing residentsthe opportunity to use the street-a public good-in safe, active, and socially engaging ways.

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (Seattle, Washington): Advocacy Leadership Institute

Cascade’s Advocacy Leadership Institute in Seattle will empower community leaders with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to run and win campaigns of various types and scales. The program will leverage Cascade’s resources while also fostering the community buy-in that will lead to improvements to bicycling infrastructure on the ground in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound region.

Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (Westerville, Ohio): Rejuvenation of Alum Creek Phase 1 Campaign

Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (COMBO) will use grant funding to update and repair Phase 1 (P1), the oldest mountain bike trail in Central Ohio and make the trail more accessible to intermediate level riders, ensuring their safety while helping to sustain the fragile ecosystem of our wooded areas.

Community Bikes (Charlottesville, Virginia): Charlottesville Open Streets Initiative

Community Bikes will celebrate Charlottesville’s bikeable and walkable Jefferson Park Avenue corridor and encourage and support a neighborhood desire to bike and walk to these businesses.

East Bay Bicycle Coalition (Oakland, California): Yes on Measure B Campaign

East Bay Bicycle Coalition‘s "Yes on Measure B" campaign seeks to ensure voter passage in November 2012 of a ballot reauthorization of the Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax Measure. This ballot measure is a 30-year, $7.8 billion transportation plan for the County that includes over one billion dollars for bike/ped projects, representing a 4-fold increase over current bike/ped funding.

Living Streets Alliance (Tucson, Arizona): Kidical Mass Tucson 2013 Campaign

Living Streets Alliance (LSA) will promote family friendly bicycling in the greater Tucson region through four Kidical Mass events in 2013. Kidical Mass is a group ride that provides a safe, fun, and social setting for families to explore urban bicycling riding, for parents to grow more comfortable riding with small children, and for small children to gain confidence and skills in a loosely supervised group ride.

Santa Monica Spoke (Santa Monica, California): Community Outreach for Better Biking in Santa Monica

To assist in the implementation of Santa Monica’s newly adopted Bicycle Action Plan, Santa Monica Spoke will take the lead on grassroots community outreach. Working with community groups, neighborhood associations and merchant groups, they will focus on two key bikeway projects: bicycle boulevards on the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway, and protected bike lanes on Broadway.


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