PeopleForBikes awards $82k in grants for 10 projects

Logo-4color-VPeopleForBikes has awarded $82,250 in grants to be distributed among 10 projects that will improve the bicycling experience in communities across the country.

The program provides funding for important and influential projects that leverage federal funding and build momentum for bicycling in communities across the U.S. These projects include bike paths and rail trails, as well as mountain bike trails, bike parks, BMX facilities, and large-scale bicycle advocacy initiatives.

These grants require collaboration between at least one non-profit organization, one business, and one city or county agency to be considered for funding. The awards range from $5,000 to $10,000 and will support infrastructure and advocacy projects.

Since 1999, PeopleForBikes has awarded 272 grants to non-profit organizations and local governments in 49 states and the District of Columbia, totaling nearly $2.5 million and leveraging $650 million in public and private funding.

The PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program is funded by partners in the bicycle industry.

The 2013 PeopleForBikes Community Partnership Grant recipients are:

  1. Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (Atlanta, GA)- Awarded $10,000 for an advocacy campaign to incorporate bicycle facilities into three key corridors
  2. City of Beach (Beach, ND)- Awarded $10,000 to build a 1.5-mile multi-use trail through town
  3. City of Nampa (Nampa, ID)- Awarded $5,250 to construct 1 mile of multi-use trail to link pathways to downtown
  4. Covered Bridge Gateway Trails (Rockville, IN)- Awarded $5,000 to build 1.2 miles of multi-use path connecting two towns
  5. East Bay Bicycle Coalition (Oakland, CA)- Awarded $10,000 for an advocacy campaign to build bikeways connecting to transit
  6. Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail (Homewood, IL)- Awarded $10,000 to fund wayfinding and trailhead access points on the 26-mile Cal-Sag trail
  7. Gearing Up (Philadelphia, PA)- Awarded $7,500 to help women who have suffered from abuse, addiction and incarceration use bicycling as part of their recovery
  8. Mountain Watershed Association (Melcroft, PA)- Awarded $10,000 to make 7.6 miles of rail-to-trail accessible
  9. Nebraska Trails Foundation (Lincoln, NE)- Awarded $10,000 to build 2.2 miles of protected bike paths connecting key parts of the city of Lincoln
  10. Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition (Sedona, AZ)- Awarded $5,000 to help build and improve mountain bike trails in the Coconino National Forest





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