Pedaling from Pittsburgh to D.C. the Hard Way

By Karl Rosengarth

I have a knack for doing things the hard way. Even my vacations tend to morph from much needed rest and relaxation into masters-level exercises in logistics. As I type this blog I’m in the midst of preparing for a week-long, self-supported bicycle tour along the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath trails with my riding pal Kevin.

The first thing on my vacation To Do List was getting a brand new Co-Motion Divide test bike (shown below) dialed in for the journey. Thanks to front and rear racks that Tubus was kind enough to provide, Brooks panniers that Bicycle Times previously reviewed, a swap of the stock 29er MTB tires for fresh Continental Country Plus skins and a set of Planet Bike Cascadia 29er fenders, my whip stands more than ready for the adventure. Look for my Co-Motion Divide "first impressions" blog in a few weeks, after I return from trip.

Next up was setting up Kevin, who owns two mountain bikes but nothing built for touring, with a suitable bike. My old Gunnar Crosshairs "cyclocross" bike to the rescue. The Crosshairs was long ago retired from the race circuit. Saddled with fenders and front/rear racks, the former thoroughbred now romps in greener pastures with the other grocery getters. The biggest challenge, and object of late-night wrenching in my dingy basement, was converting the Gunnar from drop to flat bars.

Kevin was just not comfortable on drops, and I was willing to make the switch, figuring that flat bare would better suit the bike’s current lifestyle anyway. It is amazing what some scrounging and cursing can accomplish. I unearthed some 9-speed Shimano XT brake/shift levers that I was able to get to play well with the Tiagra triple drivetrain (with less muss/fuss than I’d anticipated). The result is shown in the photo below.

Then there are the logistics of the trip itself. How far to pedal each day? Where to grab our meals? Where to camp? As I type, we’re about a week and a half from blastoff, and we’ve managed to sort out the aforementioned logistics. Not to mention rounding up the camping gear we’ll need.

Tell your story

However, there is one final task with which I’d like to ask your help, dear reader. In an effort to make this vacation even more like work, Kevin and I plan to shoot photos and video, with the goal of documenting the life and times along the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath trails. If you have a story about life along the trails, historical landmarks, the best scenic vistas, or would like to share your experiences pedaling on the trail, please use the web form at this link to tell us your story. Our goal is to create a unique documentary film and/or published articles about the trail corridor.

Happy trails.


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