Owen’s Helmet

The realization of spring is finally settling in. The sunshine and dry streets in a quiet Pittsburgh neighborhood made for a memorable day for my nephew who took his first spring ride on the Strider kick bike we gave him last year on his second birthday. Here he is as we got his seat adjusted. His little legs have grown a lot since last year. We also had to spend a few moments adjusting the straps on his helmet as his head had grown too.

Saddle adjustment

Owen eagerly awaits his first ride.

Shortly after, he jumped on and was zooming down the street, kicking along the pavement as he negotiated the available terrain as he bumped up on the curbs and over rocks on the side of the road. His little hands grasped tightly onto the handlebars and his eyes were fixed on the path ahead. It took all of his effort to coordinate his balance and steering.

Owen Riding

He was really rather pleased with himself as you can see by the look on his face.

Happy rider

He was feeling really good and wanted more of a thrill as he tried to take a fast ride down a very steep driveway. Luckily, his dad was quick to redirect him back on the street of the quite culdesac. Although we didn’t want to leave, we had to hit the road and leave Owen and his dad to enjoy the ride without us.

Later that night, we get an email from my sister-in-law with a photo attached.

Owen still wearing his helmet

He spent a long day out on his bike and was a little cranky. He also didn’t want to take off his helmet before leaving for a dinner out.

Still wearing the helmet

He kept his helmet on through dinner. Finally, when he got sleepy enough, my sister-in-law managed to get the helmet off the little guy’s head just in time for bed.

As they started a new day the next morning, Owen soon found his helmet and strapped it on for eating a breakfast banana. He said, “I want to go for a bike ride!”

Unfortunately, spring rains had taken over the day, showing no resemblance to the previous day’s glory. This didn’t faze Owen though. He had that joyful ride embedded in his memory.


Later in the afternoon, he continued to adorn his helmet at the grocery store. Awaiting the possibility of a possible glimpse of sunshine and the chance to put the tires on the pavement.

Grocery store

The rain persisted, but Owen still held on the possibility of one more ride for the weekend. As I sit here and write this on Sunday night,  I wonder if Owen will wear his helmet to school tomorrow.

Kids always remind us of truths, just as how exciting that spring ride is…the sun in the sky, the birds singing, and the prospect of many great rides ahead.


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