An outfit for all seasons – #3 – Cool and comfortable

How do you dress for a ride? This question is more complex than it may seem at first. But with the aim of helping you answer it for yourself, here we present a collection of clothing reviews, along with some advice on how to combine pieces for different outfits to match different conditions. The reviews are loosely arranged in outfits according to the weather in which you’d wear them, going from warmer to cooler. We also present some “Extras to Consider” with each outfit, things you may want to bring along in a bag to be prepared for changes in temperature or to accommodate different needs. Read the complete introduction here.

1. SmartWool Microweight T-shirt

This lightweight crew neck T-shirt is made of soft, quick-drying Merino wool and has a slightly-contoured cut that allows it to work well as a base-layer, or as a casual-looking top all by itself. I dig this tee’s casual look, and nobody has to know that I’m wearing "technical" clothing. My only nit is that the fabric is not as durable as a cotton tee, hence I have to live with a few snags and one tiny hole. At $60, this piece is a personal favorite that sees year-round use. Made in Vietnam.

2. B. Spoke Knickers

These handmade wool knickers have classic lines inspired by vintage style. I would classify the fabric as light but durable. Mine are nearly two years old, have seen a lot of miles, and still look good with no tears or worn-through spots. The inseam gusset makes throwing your leg over the saddle easy and eliminates the center seam, which can cause irritation and chafing. Two side pockets, a mid-thigh cell phone pocket, rear buttoned pocket, and belt loops add to the casual appeal. Knee tabs cinch the leg openings when you need to retain a little warmth. At $175, these knickers are by no means cheap, but they fit really nicely and look good. Available in plaid, pinstripe, herringbone, and solid colors in men’s and women’s stock size, or in custom sizing for $200 (you provide the measurements). Made in U.S.A.

3. Swobo Arm Warmers

A little on the short  side—best to pair these with a jersey with sleeves on the longer side of short. Stick them in the bottom of you bag, you’ll need them some day. Made in San Francisco, CA.

4. Spoke Puncher Cycling Cap

Covering your head is an effective wa y to add warmth as it gets cooler.

5. Earth, Wind and Rider Long Sleeve Wool Jersey

A great over-layer for evenings. Available in our online store.

6. FOX Incline Gloves

Keeping your hands warm goes a long way toward comfort. Available in our online store.

7. Sock Guy crew socks

Made of a blend of 50 percent wool and 50 percent polypropylene for durability. Available in our online store.


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